ESTAR offers personal support for your unique process. Find your inner balance, (re)discover your own possiblities to heal and find confidence in yourself. ​

ESTAR is a practice with a holistic ​approach for children, parents and (young) adults. ​Currently, only online sessions and workshops are offered

Depending on your request for help, I offer coaching, therapy, parental counseling or psychiatric treatment.

​When we experience stress, or feel out of balance, life can feel overwhelming. This may manifests itself by psychological and/or physical complaints. Coaching, therapy and sometimes medication can help to regulate our nervous system. By regulating our nervous system we can create more relaxation in our system and we experience more space. This gives us access to our own qualities and our own naturalness resulting in that we see and experience new possibilities.


My name is Esther van de Wall and I am a consultant in child- adolescent psychiatry. I am registered as a psychiatrist in both Sweden and the Netherlands. I work from a holistic perspective. I approach the client from the perspective of the person's needs, combining different therapeutic tools and treatment approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With an understanding of normal human development, I modify standard treatments to fill in development gaps that affect each client in different ways.


Practice ESTAR offers coaching, therapy and psychiatric treatment. Sessions are offered in Örebro, Stockholm and via Skype.

Coaching - inner growth

Coaching may consist one session but can also involve a longer process. Your request for help is approached from different angles.


If you want to work on a specific theme that you always meet in your life, or if you have suffered a traumatic experience that is preventing to enjoy life, then a therapeutic process can be supportive and healing.

Parent counseling

Research shows that parenting can be the most fulfilling in life and at the same time the greatest source of grief, frustration and despair.

Psychiatric treatment

Child and adolescent psychiatric treatment includes a wide range of diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, trauma (PTSD, developmental trauma, attachment issues, intergenerational trauma), ADHD and psychosomatic problems.

Psychiatric consultation

If there is a need for a psychiatric assessment, or a psychiatric treatment based on consultation, please make an inquiry via the contact form.

Workshops - education

Contact me if you are interested in a lecture or an education so we discuss the presentation.


If you would like to book a session or have questions, please send a message through the contact form.

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