About Estar

My name is Esther van de Wall and I am a consultant in child- adolescent psychiatry. I am registered as a psychiatrist in both Sweden and the Netherlands. I work from a holistic perspective. I approach the client from the perspective of the person's needs, combining different therapeutic tools and treatment approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With an understanding of normal human development, I modify standard treatments to fill in development gaps that affect each client in different ways.

I have a fascination for people and behavior from an early age. As a biologist with a PhD in neurobiology, I worked for many years as a scientist at the University of Groningen, Washington State University and Yeshiva University (US). In my research I have looked at, among other things, the interaction between hormones, the brain and behavior. At a certain moment I noticed that I wanted to broaden my knowledge and I decided to study medicine.

I followed my training as a medical doctor in the Netherlands and my specialization as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Sweden. During my training I had a focus on trauma and psychosomatic syndromes. I have studied and experienced various forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfullnes, Non Dual Therapy and Somatic Experience.