Raising children from a whole brain, poly vagal and transgenerational perspective

This workshop is for everybody who is curious about themselves, their kids and their ancestors. For parents, professionals or just everybody who is interested.

This workshop is about:

  • creating more understanding about relationships, and kid’s and parent’s needs
  • from a compassionate point of view with roots in science giving tools how to work with and relate to yourself, your kids, your parents or clients by understanding more about the (neurological/psychological) processes and by creating space for more compassion, playfulness, and meaningfulness
  • Healing

WORKSHOP 1: Attachment, trauma and resilience
30 september

You will learn about

  • basic concepts of the developing brain, and different needs at different ages.
  • how to nurture your kid, and your kid’s developing nervous system (as well as how to nurture
    your own nervous system)
  • the power of compassion, towards yourself and others and the neurology of compassion (this will be continued in workshop 2).

WORKSHOP 2: Attachment, trauma and resilience and the polyvagal theory

29 October

This theory is developed by dr Steven Porges. It takes in the evolutionary perspective of the developing nervous system and the role/ importance of the autonomic state for behavior and psychological processes. The autonomic nervous system regulates a variety of body process that takes place without conscious effort. The autonomic system is the part of the peripheral nervous system that is responsible for regulating involuntary body functions, such as heartbeat, blood flow, breathing, and digestion. Depending on how safe we feel (threat/danger or safety) we have different

phsyiological states that affect profoundly our physiology and thus our behavior and our thoughts. Through the lens of this theory, there is a total new perspective on behavioral problems, trauma, mental disease, autism, ADHD etc. This new perspective gives also new approaches to work with these different conditions. You are going to learn more in depth (but in a practical) way about this theory and how you could apply this principles in daily life.

Workshop 3: Attachment, trauma and resilience: a trangsgenerational perspective
26 November

  • what is intergenerational trauma/transgenerational trauma?
  • how could it effect me/my kids but even society?
  • what is the evidence? how could I understand this from different points of view/theories? - Practical exercises to work with intergenerational imprints

Esther van de Wall, MD PhD has a doctorate degree in neuroscience, is a licensed child- and adolescent psychiatrist and somatic experience practitioner. She has an integrative approach where body-mind-spirit practices are used to optimize health, wellbeing and resilience. Compassion and genuine curiosity are key components in her work.

The first workshhop will take place 30 September 20.00—21.30/22.00. 30 euro/300 sek /workshop. Other dates: 29 October, 26 November.

For more information and registration please email to info@estar-se.com